What You Need to Know About Chautauqua Institution Free Sundays

The Chautauqua Institute doesn’t take a day of rest! Every Sunday, the Chautauqua Institute offers free gate passes to visitors as well as a free afternoon show in the Amphitheater. This is a great option for anyone visiting Chautauqua on a budget. While the Chautauqua gate pass prices also include admission for many of the lectures, they can be expensive when you factor in travel expenses. With the Chautauqua Institution Free Sundays, there’s no worry! Simply book a room at our Chautauqua Hotel for Sunday night and you’ll be all set to start your week off right with a trip to Chautauqua. Find out more about why Sunday is our favorite day of the week.

Now that you have your entertainment and accommodations figured out, it’s time to find the best restaurants in Chautauqua! Access our free Vacation Guide to find out our favorite places to eat in town. We make it easy to plan how to spend the Chautauqua Institution Free Sundays!

Narrowing Down the Chautauqua Institution Free Sundays

Decide by the Theme

Now that you’re planning on staying at Chautauqua on Free Sunday, you have to decide which day to attend. We have a couple tricks to narrow down the Chautauqua Institution Schedule 2017. One way is deciding based on the lecture theme. Each week during the season is assigned a theme and the lectures are centered around that theme. Arrive early so you don’t miss the morning sermon by the weekly Chaplain. July 30 will feature Rev. Susan Sparks, who is a former lawyer who became a stand-up comedian and Baptist minister! Her talk is sure to be one-of-a-kind, So check the calendar of events before booking your room to decide which theme appeals most to you!

Take in the Free Show at the Amphitheater

Another option to narrow down which Sunday to visit is the free afternoon show in the Amphitheater, just short walk from The Spencer Hotel & Spa. The list of Sunday entertainment from the Chautauqua 2017 schedule ranges from patriotic bands to grassroots musicians to ballet performances. Are you a fan of a cappella music? 

Stay at The Spencer Hotel & Spa

After you’ve enjoyed the Chautauqua Institution Free Sundays, return to The Spencer Hotel & Spa for a wonderful night. Our literary-themed rooms are each uniquely decorated to reflect an author’s work. Browse all of our rooms, full-suites, junior-suites, guest rooms, or our luxurious apartment at our list of Chautauqua accommodations. Consider Room 308, Beatrix Potter, themed after the famous author of Peter Rabbit.This beautiful room is decorated in soft plaids and floral patterns, with a rustic writing desk and sitting area. The bathroom comes with a Whirlpool tub and European hand-held shower. You’ll have direct porch access from this room and a complimentary breakfast served every morning. Browse all of our rooms and book your stay with us today! We look forward to having you.