The Spencer Hotel and Spa Service Commitment

Excellent Quality of Service

At the Spencer Hotel & Spa, we are committed to putting people first.

  • Our staff is well trained to meet the needs of our guests and exceed their expectations.
  • Upon arrival, guests will be greeted warmly by one of our staff members who will receive their bags and escort them to their room.
  • Our team will always be available to do everything we can to ensure our guests receive a timely response to their wishes and needs.
  • We will work with a sense of urgency and diligence to solve any guest’s problem.
  • The Spencer is committed to providing accurate, up-to-date information to all guests.
  • Bills will be provided, under the door, the night before check-out to ensure a quick process.
  • At check-out, our staff will assist in helping guests with every aspect of their departure.

5 Point Check of Excellence for Rooms

The Spencer Hotel is committed to providing a comfortable, cleanly, and elegant space for our guests’ stay. In order to ensure this level of excellence, all rooms must meet a 5 point checklist before guests arrive.

  1. The Spencer Bed – Our beds at the Spencer Hotel are made with high-end linens. We triple-sheet the beds so the blanket is only touched by the guests in that room.
  2. Amenities – All bathrooms at the Spencer Hotel are equipped with Gilchrist & Soames bath amenities, facial tissue, toilet tissue, and fresh towels before each new guest’s arrival. As part of our green initiative, new towels for weeklong guests are also provided on Wednesdays or upon request.
  3. Spotless Bathrooms – Bathrooms are meticulously cleaned before guests’ arrival. All bathrooms must pass a “white-glove” test.
  4. Closets – The closet in every room at the Spencer Hotel contains monogrammed robes and wooden hanger.
  5. Light bulbs and Air-Conditioning – Rooms are inspected to ensure all light bulbs work and that the central air is running optimally.

Outstanding Food

We are committed to providing our guests with high-quality food for breakfast. We promise to publish our weekly menus in advance. Weekly menus will include a wide variety of family-style meals for our guests to enjoy.  During these meals, we hope to facilitate a community atmosphere full of conversation and fantastic cuisine.