Find out Everything You Need to Know About the Mayville Ice Castle

During your visit to the Mayville Winter Festival, be sure to check out the event’s iconic centerpiece: the Mayville Ice Castle! Every year, the local communities join together to build this unique feature of the festival. Book your room at The Spencer Hotel & Spa quickly so you can enjoy a day at this special event.

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Visit the Mayville Ice Castle

The Mayville Winter Festival takes place every year during the President’s Day weekend. Without a doubt, the centerpiece of this festival is the famous Mayville Ice Castle. Blocks of ice are taken from Chautauqua Lake and used to build a giant ice castle! Once created, visitors can walk around the border of the structure and take photos. When the castle is removed, the ice is given to the local Amish community to keep their food fresh. The ice castle can last a surprisingly long time, depending on the thickness of the ice. There have been some years that the castle has made it to the summer!

Attend the Mayville Winter Festival

Aside from the ice castle, there are plenty of other great cold-weather activities to enjoy at the annual Mayville Winter Festival. Go on a sleigh ride with your loved one or slide on the ice on a pair of skates! Watch the yearly snowball fight, where children can wage war with snow to win prizes! You can also visit with the local Girl Scouts troop and enjoy arts and crafts. Explore the town with the Mayville Winter Festival scavenger hunt! If you need to warm up, you can visit the food vendors for a hot meal or drink. Stop by the chili cook-off to see which bowl of comforting goodness has won the grand prize. Best of all, all of this fun is located just nine minutes from The Spencer Hotel & Spa!

Stay at The Spencer Hotel & Spa

After you’ve enjoyed visiting the Mayville Ice Castle, return to The Spencer Hotel & Spa for an evening of quiet and serenity. Our bed and breakfast is located in the center of downtown Chautauqua, just a short drive away from the nearby towns of Mayville and Jamestown.

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