Elizabeth Barrett Browning, english poet and wife of Robert Browning, the most respected and successful woman poet of the Victorian period, considered seriously for the laureateship that eventually was awarded to Tennyson in 1850. Her greatest work, SONNETS FROM THE PORTUGUESE (1850), is a sequence of love sonnets addresses to her husband. Her vivid intelligence and ethereal physical appearance made a lifelong impression to all of the friends of the Brownings, among them Ruskin, Carlyle, Thackeray, Rossetti, Hawthorne, and many others.

Robert Browning, also an english poet, noted for his mastery of dramatic monologue. Browning was long unsuccesful as a poet and financially depenent upon his family until he was well into adulthood. He became a great Victorian poet. In his best works people from the past reveal their thoughts and lives as if speaking or thinking aloud.

"A man can have but one life and one death, One heaven, one hell."

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